What is normal for a babymoon?

You often hear of babymoon’s but I really hadn’t thought about it properly. I have been off work with SPD for 3 weeks and then this week I have had a weeks annual leave. Seeing as my SPD seemed to be a lot better and I will be returning to work on Tuesday, I thought it might be nice to go away. I hadn’t really thought about it as a ‘babymoon’. After saying to an acquaintance that we were thinking of going away I immediately got a ream of information about babymoons and how it was the last time we were ever going to be alone ‘ever’ with her even exclaiming about how she cant even be left alone to pee. Now I know that it must be difficult to get alone time but there must be the odd occasion for it. Would it really make me such a awful mum to want to go away one weekend with my husband with out my child? I have plenty of people I know would happily look after my child for me, so why not? I feel like every time I mention anything about be pregnant some ‘expert’ comes up with all the negative things about having children. Often I find people saying that your life has to revolve around your children. Now where am I going with this?

Well honestly I don’t understand, my mum and dad never changed her lifestyle for me and my sister. They still went about life the way they did before if they wanted to go out alone they would find a babysitter or we would stay at our grans even for a week if they wanted to go on holiday. But we were more than that we were like an extension to there lifestyle, that is how it felt, like we would go on fantastic holidays, often for a month driving around Europe with our friends. I never felt like a burden to my parents. I hope my children never feel like a burden to me, as it feels that so many people see it like this.

So I guess we went on a babymoon (but not really because I still plan on having time alone with my husband once our daughter is here). I love walks (even though my SPD is bad) so we went to Harrogate in Yorkshire, close to the Yorkshire Dales. When you read about babymoons it sounds all romantic, however I fail drastically at being sexy or romantic, especially as a pregnant lady. I really don’t feel sexy at all, whale-like yes, tired yes, but not at all sexy. My poor husband doesn’t really mind and says i’m being silly and always tells me i’m still sexy, which is nice. The main thing to me wasn’t to go away for a 16265597_10158152838665029_3482311325568638273_nromantic weekend anyway, I wanted to go away to relax and spend time with Tom. We  went for short walks and a wander around the different villages and towns. After which I was super tired and wanted to sleep.

The English countryside is very relaxing and the hotel we stayed at in Harrogate (The Kimberly hotel) was fab, we even got free breakfast both mornings and a free three course dinner! which was amazing as I love food! I felt totally refreshed after the weekend and I am very glad I went. Generally I do think its a good idea to go away while being pregnant, but not because I worry I will never be alone again, but because its a nice break from life.

Love Kate x

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  1. I think it’s really nice to go away before a baby, not because you will never be alone again because you will it just won’t be very often compared to being childless but because it’s to have a chance to enjoy how things are before they all change, which they will, but that’s not to say the change will be bad! It’ll be the best change you’ve ever had! We didn’t go away when I was pregnant first time round, I wish we had but money was really tight back then, this time me, my husband and our daughter went away to Disneyland Paris for a few days, it was our last holiday as a 3 and although it was tiring it was worth it. Personally I don’t really like to go away for more than a night without Sofia but that’s my preference not that I think there’s something wrong with people who do. I’ve had 2 nights away from Sofia since she was born and she’s 2 and a half, It all comes down to what your comfortable with and you won’t know until your baby is here. Glad you had a good time xx

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    1. Thanks, some people put it across having children so negatively. I don’t know why! I know things will change but people always make it sound like such a bad thing, when like you say it really isn’t. Hope you had a nice time in Paris! XXX

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