What is normal for labour?

Pregnancy is incredibly tiring so tiring I felt like I had to sleep permanently, especially while I was at work. Working as a nurse doing three to four long days a week. A long day consists of 7am-7:30pm and often beyond 7:30pm depending on what is occurring at work, for example is a patient has a cardiac arrest (which sometimes happens more often than you would believe) even if its in the morning it is such a huge event you will be behind for the rest of the shift and struggling to catch up. Hence how tiring pregnancy is when you work full time as a nurse up to 35 weeks of pregnancy. There is a reason I mention this, I have neglected my blog. No matter how much I wanted to write I really couldn’t be arsed, which is awfully lazy I know. If there are people out there who do read this, I apologize profusely.

As I was saying I finished work at 35 weeks pregnant (and slept from that moment onward) I did no house work (even though I had planned to!) I did no catching up with my friends, I literally (and I mean literally) sat on the sofa and nerded out playing the xbox and watching TV. My poor husband.

As my baby was a known small baby (measuring approximately 5 pound 8 at my 36 week scan) I was planned to be induced at 39 weeks which would have been the 26th of April, my original due date actually being today. However my baby had other plans and decided to make an appearance on the 17th of April instead, so now I sit here and instead of having a neonate, I have a 2 week old baby! who is currently staring at me from her Moses basket.

So the night before I went into labour I had some funky  hicks and a little leak. I popped a pad on, as this is what they tell you to do before coming into antenatal baby clinic. The leak appeared to stop after that and I thought it perhaps was something else and I was being a little paranoid. So I went to bed. I slept through the night and woke up at 10:30 the next day after having a lovely lie in (which doesn’t happen anymore) as I rolled over to get out of bed my waters went, which is fine I wasn’t panicked. I shouted my husband who had already got up and we decided to ring labour suit, but it was all good and dandy because I wasn’t having any contractions (this is what I said to my husband). All of two seconds later I had the mother of all contractions and that was it they were coming every two minutes! Labour suit didn’t appear to believe me as this was 10:50 and I had just rolled out of bed so they couldn’t possibly be coming that fast. I knew they were the kind of contractions that meant the baby was coming imminently but agreed to get in the car and go to ABC at 12:00. As soon as we put the phone down the contractions got a hell of a lot worse (so I took two paracetamol) my husband decided that he would have to carry me to the car, at which point I started feeling the urge to push. As i’m stubborn I then point blank refused to get in the car or even move from the bed (I wasn’t just being a knob, I did think the baby would be coming in the car if I got in it). My husband then rang labour suit back and announced that I was refusing to get in the car. The midwife figured that meant I would need paramedics and started telling my husband (who was in a blind panic at this point) to get towels, that is literally the only thing I remember the midwife saying as I was pretty zoned out in pain (Paracetamol isn’t really adequate pain relief for labour). This was all one hour after I rolled out of bed. Luckily for my husband the paramedics arrived and midwives were on the way, thank god they arrived because I finally got some gas and air which was the best thing ever. Originally the plan was to get me to hospital but after inspecting me I was told to push and breath, because apparently I forgot to do that. twenty minutes later Joanie Susannah was born at 11:56, one and a half hours after my waters broke (i’m glad I didn’t get in the car!) She was 5 pound 10 (2 ounces off being taken into hospital!) we got to stay at home which was amazing!

She cried straight away and was placed on my chest, she got all of the cord blood because the paramedics do not like placentas or umbilical cords, so we had to wait for the midwives who were stuck in traffic, I was quite happy about this as its something I had put on my now redundant birth plan. The paramedics were absolutely fab and so were the midwives I really cant believe how safe I felt despite nothing being as planned and having lost a baby before. They really all are a credit to their profession.

I didn’t really have a very normal labour to be honest! and I’m choosing a home birth next time!

Love Kate IMG_0820

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  1. Congratulations 🙂 lovely to hear you and baby are both well, my little one is 6 weeks old tomorrow xx

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    1. Congratulations! Ah I’m so pleased for you too! It’s hard work lol. Mine is theee weeks old today xxx


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