What is normal for traveling to Portugal? day 1 – 2

Day 1 – 2 17/07/17

After many attempts to write this hopefully, this will be the one that works. I started writing about my trip to Portugal, in Portugal 4 weeks ago. However, first of all I wrote this part out, was pretty happy with it only to accidentally delete it five minutes later. I totally rage quit there and then. It took me a week to get back into it so off I went again it was much better and this time I didn’t delete it! Great now just to get a nice picture off my traveling buddy. Oh wait no someone pinched my IPad.

So anyway ill make a start properly on the 17th of July (yes that was a long time ago now). We (my husband, my baby and I) set off on our way to the 2cv world meeting in Portugal. We planned a 3 weeklong trip all together with some basic idea of where we were stopping; despite me insisting earlier on that I had definitely planned this to perfection. So we set off from Nottingham our plan was to get to the ferry port for our midnight ferry. Tom and I always find it easier to get the midnight ferry as it’s a, cheaper and b, quieter. Tom had firmly packed everything into the car Joanie’s silver cross pushchair was firmly attached to the boot box of the car. I was assured it was very well secured and given a demonstration by Tom, on just how tight it was fastened down. He was rather annoyed with me for insisting I didn’t want the tent also attached there. My parents were following us down as they were also on the midnight ferry.

Everything went very smoothly we stopped to feed Joanie once at about 9 which was when we probably would have normally stopped for a break. I have a fantastic baby, a trick baby you might say, not once did she mumble all the way down she was quite happily cooing away or asleep most of the way down. So we were almost at the ferry port, I was tiredly looking out of the window at all of the cars passing us when I realized somebody was waving at me. I looked up and smiled; this is rather usual in a 2cv as many people like the car. No he wasn’t waving at me at all he was actually pointing to the back of the car. I turned around and realized the pushchair was no longer with us and the frame was hanging by a thread. We quickly pulled over to see if we could salvage the pushchair that was lying in the side of the road. It however was unsalvageable. Luckily the frame was ok and we had the car sear attachment. That being said I was not a happy person and questioned my husband’s ability to understand the word ‘securely’. I was assured that this time the frame was 100% secure, however I continued to persistently check out of the back window at least every five minutes for the remainder of the three weeks.

During the ferry trip I fed Joanie again and settled her down to sleep the motion of the boat swaying seemed to help, although it makes me feel particularly sick. It is here I must admit that I am glad I persevered with breastfeeding. I think it would have been a lot, lot harder bottle feeding. It would have been even worse if I was expressing and bottle feeding. I had had a plan if breastfeeding hadn’t worked out and I even took all my bottles and sterilizing equipment in case, but I can’t imagine sterilizing on a ferry would have been easy.

After we left the ferry we had a nap in the car as Joanie was still sleeping and then continued until around 9 in the morning when campsites open. The journey to Abbeville in northern France was pretty uneventful luckily for us. Joanie had a bath in her paddling pool (which was at least 3 times bigger than I anticipated) and I had a badly needed shower.


love Kate x



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  1. AKL says:

    I think that was a justified case for divorce!! OMG I would be furious!!! I hope the rest of the trip went better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha so close! it did go better and one of my friends lent us a pushchair so it was all good x


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