A change

So I’ve decided to changed the format of my blog, from now on ill be doing more updates but shorter to try to encourage myself to write more often. I will write about my trip to Portugal under travel as it was interesting and I do travel often so it would be good to keep writing about it. I will also keep writing bigger blog posts every so often but I will make them my What is normal for… as it currently feels like i’m writing a text book not a blog.

So eventually there may be some kind of structure to this blog and eventually I will work out where things go, if im honest im glad i’ve got to this point where I feel like I can evolve my blog as when I started writing this I hadn’t really figured out what I was doing. I’m thinking perhaps a travel bit and a baby bit, then normal shorter updates. I really want to focus on my fiction writing too, because im fantastic at starting stories and leaving them half finished. This is hard as I am a task orientated person I like lists and im not very interchangeable (which I need to be) im stoic, I find it hard to change direction sometimes. So here is to trying to make a change.

love Kate

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