Leapy leaping leap

I think that my daughter is having one of these so called leaps.

I only heard about these the other day.

I have been woken up constantly through the night for the sixth time this week. I know, I know I really cant complain at all as up until recently she has slept through the night since 3 months old. But seriously she wakes up every two to four hours and wont go back to sleep. Its fine I can cope, I was used to doing night shifts, she doesn’t sleep during the day either so that good.

This has caused me to enter a state of euphoria (not sure if im asleep or awake to be honest) I feel like im floating everywhere and time goes really fast. When I don’t feel like this I feel generally irritated at my shouting child (she shouts all day long, not crying just pure feral yelling, pretty impressive for a six month old)

Not fun times at the moment but im sure (hope to god) it gets better.

I suspect teeth have something to do with my lack of sleep but im not sure (ill get back to you on that one) That and the fact that when I do sleep I appear to be having fab dreams about giving one of my least favorite (not by blood) relatives, exactly 27 brussel sprouts. I must feel deep down that she deserves this amount of brussel sprouts.

Sometimes I feel like all my life is, is baby stuff now. especially with breastfeeding. I have therefore tried to extend my life back out into stuff that I did before but I cant really remember what I did before babies. Did I exist? I feel now like I popped into existence at the same time as my daughter and now were both kind of winging it. Today I guess I have rediscovered my love of writing.


I guess ‘love’ is a strong word more like , rediscovered how to pull my finger out and kick myself up the backside. I don’t know maybe im being a bit harsh with myself, I am often a bit mean to myself and over critical.

I did like writing and had planned (hahaha) to spend my maternity taking a step towards my goal of being a published author. This isn’t something that is done easily with a baby (or I am just a bit lazy too).

I also was big on keeping fit (to a certain degree) so I have started going back to the gym and trying to eat well.

while also consuming large amounts of chocolate and milk.

(my excuse is that I am breastfeeding and definitely need the extra calories)

Love Kate x



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  1. diaryofninemonths says:

    Chocolate is also fuel for dealing with those long days and nights! I know the past week would have been easier if I’d had it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha its not good for my love handles though lol x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. diaryofninemonths says:

        Hahaha so true! But when the babies are up and running around we burn that off fast!

        Liked by 1 person

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