Why sometimes I just can’t be arsed to go out. 

“The fair is here, do you want to go?” 

No. Not really is my reply to that, but you know every year I force myself up to that damn fair. And why? Well to be honest I’ve been asking that a lot lately. The reason I go to the fair is because it’s something I have done every year since I was born, I feel the need to go because, I feel I might miss something? It’s bizarre really and I do it with a lot of things. I insist on going to a lot of things for traditions sake or because I feel I am expected to. I don’t want Joanie to miss out. I think she enjoyed it, but I could have given her the same effect In my lounge with some Christmas lights.

As a new mum.

I felt the need to get out of the house, sometimes when I was exhausted, because, well I didn’t want people to think I was lazy. It’s just ridiculous now to think about, to be honest I think I have suffered a bit with PND. Maybe more my anxiety than anything else. I think sometimes I’m trying to prove something to others, but what? I wish I had just giv myself sometime to adjust! I stressed myself out so often it was ridiculous! I forced myself to baby groups, to go on walks everyday. The worst was I allowed so many visitors the first two weeks! I wish I had said no and just had me and my husband with Joanie, because nobody was bothered after that! 

Things I would say to a new mum

– Don’t put pressure on yourself, its hard enough as it is!

– Paternity leave is precious, spend as much time focussing on your new family as you can.

– If you don’t want visitors them first few weeks, stick to it. They will forget you won’t. 

– Don’t go out if you don’t want to, nobody actually cares. 

– It doesn’t matter if you miss a tradition, nobody will remember in a few weeks. 

– Be kind to yourself 

As a mum of a six month old. 

I still feel the need to prove myself sometimes. I’m at the stage now where I feel people will think my baby is too old for me to feel tired. Well I am. People will forget I occasionally say no. We said no tonight, shortening a potentially lengthy evening down to half an hour. I am proud of us for that. I can’t believe it has taken six’s months to learn how to say no.  

Love Kate x 

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  1. diaryofninemonths says:

    My Little one is 1 and I’m still tired! If not more because I’m back at work! I don’t think they reach an age when you can no longer be tired! It’s okay to stay in and have a pj day!

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    1. Haha I am doing, I think people who have grown up kids sometimes forget what it’s like, they like to dole out interesting advice haha x

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      1. diaryofninemonths says:

        Hahaha don’t they just! Or they like to comment how your child should be sleeping perfectly or gush about how lovely it is to sleep properly

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      2. Or how your baby can’t possibly still be hungry, I’m obviously breastfeeding her because I love breastfeeding so much lol. The best one was I’ll give her a complex… at six months! X

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      3. diaryofninemonths says:

        Or you’re making a rod for your own back! You know what, when I’m the one waking everytime he wakes and I’m the one feeding him 99% of the time then I’ll damn well choose what I want to do and it’ll based on what’s easiest! Let’s face it, Cosleeping is great when breastfeeding because you just whack a boob out! So much harder now he’s in his own room. Wouldn’t have survived it if he wasn’t in the bed with me for as long as he was! But Ya know what despite some bad nights he can sleep in his cot in his room well so I think I made the right choice for my family!
        Sorry that turned into a rant 😂X


  2. thisgirlsdad says:

    Mine is 8 and I’m knackered still! Some great advice there, especially being kind to yourself. X

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    1. Thank you, it’s following it myself that’s the hard bit! X


  3. Harietto says:

    Baby’s too old for you to feel tired?! I hope that’s not a thing that people think of moms. I think I’ll still feel tired when he’s 25! Hahhaha!

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    1. Just one of the lovely judgmental comments I’ve had from super helpful people haha x

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  4. mrshible says:

    My youngest is 7 months and oldest 11 years old with our 8 year old sandwiched in the middle I’m always tired. I don’t think it goes away. Love your advice in this article very well written xx

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    1. Thank you, I think people forget what it was like. They like to pass really ‘helpful’ comments out on a daily basis! I, like you am also always tired. I will choose my bed over most things any day! X

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      1. mrshible says:

        Especially my friends who don’t have children they love giving advice and complaint of tiredness x

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