Traveling through Spain with a baby.

We set off very early Sunday morning, I was still trying very hard to drink my coffee. It was imperative we set off early in the morning; the traffic around the Bordeaux ring road is always busy at a weekend as people like to travel either north or south for the weekend (or for the holidays; as we realized, we had set out on the weekend of the start of the french holidays). Getting as far into Spain as we could was our agenda, we were trying to catch up with some of our friends that had set off earlier.

As we were trying to get down to Portugal at this point as fast as we could we did miss a few places definitely worth a visit:


Very pretty with plenty to do and see. The best place for catching dinner along the riverside among the picturesque, timbre-built architecture.

San Sebastian 

One heck of a place for tapas, was genuinely upset we didn’t get a chance to go here this time. Situated along the coastline, an absolutely beautiful place.


Home of the Sanfermines festival. Where they let loose bulls to chase you down the narrow cobbled streets (not for me, but would have been interesting to watch). We were a little too late for this however as it is eight days at the start of July.

Mid-North Spain (Castilla y Leon) 

In the end we decided we were heading to Burgos, a city with fine examples of northern Spanish architecture. The drive through mid northern Spain was really hot! The land was incredibly arid and dry. As soon as we drove over the boarder into Spain from France you could see the difference in the landscape; we went from large mountainous areas, green and the sky grey, to red and orange with a bright blue sky. The area we were driving through was Castilla y Leon, It is a massive plateau surrounded by mountains; this left a image of mountains surrounding you, you felt that you could never reach them. It was a little boring, after a while, if I am honest, once we left the mountain area. When you are driving, without air-con too, it gets a little tedious, especially as that day we drove a total of nine hours!


Photograph by Victoria Langford 


Burgos is a elegant baroque city, lots of restaurants to eat from and a fanatsic cathedral to have a look around (Catedral de Burgos) We had a wander round the city after arriving (we even accidentally took a tour of the bicycle path route, by car) We had a wander around the cathedral, it was very impressive, I do like my art, and I am a fan of renaissance style art work. If you aren’t really interested in art and architecture (or religion) perhaps give it a miss. It is a very hansom building though and well worth a look. We had some tea at a local restaurant, Cerveceria Morito, which was fatastic local food, would definitely recommend.

Tips for babies in Spain:

my advice here doesn’t really vary from my last post. However here are a few pointers:


Dodot appeared to be the best brand to buy. However if you can avoid buying Nappy’s in Spain I would; they are a lot more expensive than any where else, i’m not really sure why but they are.


I had no issues with breastfeeding while in this area of Spain. I breastfed at the restaurant and not one person battered an eyelid! Looking into it, Spain generally appears to be breastfeeding friendly; I haven’t come across any stories of bad experiences.


Some formula is available in supermarkets, but there is a wider range in pharmacies. There is also bottled water available with low sodium for babies (It is labeled). Although formula is widely available, again it is much more expensive.

Places to stay 

For our stay in spain, we were camping, we stayed at Camping Fuentes Blancas, which was pretty good there was an onsite swimming pool (which we cooled off in) Plenty of shaded areas, we had a generally comfortable stay and the price for three adults one baby, tent and car came to 30 euro. We did not have to pre book the campsite. If you prefer there are plenty of Hotels in the area.

Although we didn’t stay long in this area, we did return to the northern coast of spain on the way back. I would recommend this area as a good base to travel to many different areas of Northern spain, it is also not so far away from Madrid (It is a 2 1/2 hour drive). 012 Large JPG

All photography used belongs to Victora Langford (you should definitely check her out, shes amazing!)

Love Kate x


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  1. Issy says:

    It must have been tough driving for so many hours, especially with a little one on board! But it sounds like an amazing trip and the mountainous area sounds very beautiful.

    Issy | MissIsGoode

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was tough, luckily our little girl was pretty chilled out! I think it was easier because she was a bit younger to be honest. It was amazing well worth doing! That area of Spain is fantastic, we will definitely be going back again! X


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