Traveling through central Spain and Portugal with a baby.

It was an early start. I don’t mind early starts when camping, to be honest, as it get too hot to stay in the tent after a while; although the day didn’t appear as hot as it had been. We only stayed on the campsite at Burgos one night, it was a very nice night, I would recommend the campsite, have a read about it here.

We spent the day racing down to the border to get into Portugal. Again there are always places I would have loved to have gone to.


A city of golden architecture famous for its student population and fantastic night life. plenty to do and see.


A very lively city, I would love to visit Madrid, but we decided to spend more time in Portugal, so missed out on some of Spain’s big sights. Madrid is a very colorful city, with a fantastic variety of food. Spain’s capital city, to be honest probably best done as a weekend break.


Central Portugal.

We had no particular goal when driving into Portugal; the main objective was to get as close to Ericera (our destination, as fast as possible) So again this was a very long drive. Lots of very long drives are tiring, luckily Joanie didn’t seem to notice at all, she would wake up have a feed, sit an play in her car seat then go back to sleep no issues!

Driving over the border some of our party got stopped, being confused and unsure of where to park; we did the next best thing, drove through the border like we were doing something we should be doing, probably making our friends look more suspicious. People were starting to notice that a lot of 2CV’s were around so naturally we were all getting pulled over at the border ( we did look like Hippies). Driving into Portugal felt like driving into the desert. To start with, we crossed the border as if heading to Guarda. When we realised our friends probably thought we had abandoned them, we stopped for lunch; only there was nowhere to stop. We ended up at, what looked like a crack den. we continued on, soon enough the area changed again and we were surrounded by trees and forests. It was fantastically beautiful, this area of Portugal is amazing. We stopped at a place called Ferreira Do Zezere.



Photograph by Victoria Langford 

Ferreira Do Zezere 

Ferreira Do Zezere is a small municipal area, it has a lot of little house dotted around or slowly descending into the valley. We stayed in a lovely campsite with a view of the lake on the river Zezere, which was very close by. The campsite was adorned with olive trees and different citrus fruit trees; complete with a white washed farm house. To say it was picturesque would be an injustice. As my friend likes to say ‘it was a little piece of heaven.’

We stayed here for a day, we just spent most of it lazing around by the campsite pool. We also took a trip to a close by ‘lake pool’, which was literally just a pool in a lake. I make it sound boring, it wasn’t it was fantastic. You could dive into the lake from the small outcrop of pool area and it was, obviously, bottomless. I wasn’t to keen as I have a bit of a fear of having nothing under my feet, but everybody else loved it. There was even a baby pool for Joanie.

Tips for babies

I don’t have much advice here that varies from my other two posts, but will elaborate more on Portugal in the next few posts as we really hadn’t seen much of Portugal at this point.


Places to stay 

I would definitely recommend the campsite we stayed at (which I have linked above) The people that owned it were really welcoming, the areas near by, as I say were amazing too. There were more campsites around the area, but none as good as this one. If you want to stay in a town I will suggest staying in Tomar; an attractive little town, crammed full of knights Templar history (if that interests you).


All photography used belongs to Victora Langford (you should definitely check her out, shes amazing!)

Love Kate x


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