I am such a crap blogger!

Erg I am so sorry if you take the time out of our day to read about my life and have noticed I have gone missing for over half a year. My bad. all I can say is ergg work. Ergg babies. They are my only excuses, that and a massive lack of motivation. I think I am a good writer I just wish I could find something i’m more inclined to write about. There’s only so much parenting stuff you can keep on at (not that I am bored of having a child far from it, shes a little bum hole sometimes but definitely not boring).

I am more than my child I just cant remember what defines me as a person, why am I interesting, maybe i’m not interesting, i’m not really sure. I need to write things that make me a better writer but I don’t know what that is. Not that I am particularly asking for people to tell me what to write, that would be lazy and cheaty. I need to write about things that I know about and that people enjoy, but doesn’t everyone blogging? I don’t know, what does anyone do when they want to write but are in a writing slump.

I like writing about traveling but reliving it months afterwards is a bit of a nightmare and I find it makes me sound boring. I don’t really enjoy writing about parenting, I mean who am I to tell you what to do, I don’t even know what i’m doing myself. I enjoy writing fiction but how does that go with a blog?? maybe I could write short stories? and other things, I could use my nurse knowledge to help people, but then everything is googleable anyway.

Well this is kind of me saying i’m back, expect a lot of random post until I can get my bearing on whatever the hell I am going to do next. The only thing i’m sure about is that I will be continuing work on my NaNoWriMo from last November (on dear) and attempting a go at some short stories that hopefully wont be shit.

If you read this and you fancy helping a lady out, stick a random sentence or word in the comments, I can use them as starting points for short stories! I will just crack on regardless and keep writing nonsense because I actually enjoy it.

Honest this wasn’t a rant, i’m not a ranter (I don’t think I am).

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  1. Your not a crap blogger!
    Believe in yourself!


    1. Thankyou! Sorry I didn’t reply sooner this had found its way into my spam for some reason! X


  2. butterflies and boundaries says:

    Loved the post! So honest and raw. I’m looking forward to reading more from you, whether that’s what drives you to want to write or just what you do with your time! Writing comes from the heart, so start there, the rest will follow 💗😘

    Sinéad x
    Check my blog out


    1. Thanks, I hope I keep you entertained, I will check out your blog x

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  3. You’re not a crap blogger! You just need to do you!

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    1. Thanks I’m getting there with it! I am by no means the most proactive blogger though haha x


  4. It’s okay though. We all work differently. 😉

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