Short Story: The Jewel Of Gyan.

On to my third short story, the genre was given to me by Christy who gave me detective/mystery as a genre prompt. Please check her blog out at Cookies and curse words (her recipes look fab). I wrongly though this was a comfort zone for me, maybe mystery is but detective certainly isn’t! I actually learnt a lot writing this and I really struggled to get the word count down to 1,000. Mainly because I felt a lot of character building and scene setting was necessary but this is very difficult to condense!


“Well, this is rather unremarkable!” he stated enthusiastically, looking over towards the detective, now staring at him in disbelief.
“The diamond?” The detective started in confusion, he twitched his moustache “It’s unremarkable!” he laughed under his breath, pulling at his Cuban collar, “Sir, it is a diamond!” he reiterated, looking at the other, people rolling his eyes almost.
“No, it isn’t I’m afraid.” Jivan replied, raising his eyebrows above his very serious brown eyes, he flashed a flat smile.
“What do you mean ‘no it isn’t’?” The detective shot sharply back at him.
“Excuse me,” interrupted a small brunette woman; her apple green sweater dress matching her pallor. “Why does this matter?” She looked over towards the corpse on the bed, quickly she raised her sleeve to her mouth to try and stop retching; the musty smell lifting from the stripy mustard yellow sheets was nauseating.
“Well, Jerry, it was found in his throat.” Jivan stated very matter of fact.
“Yes, this is all very,” Jerry started, she stepped forward, now having a facial colour less similar to her dress. “Very, interesting Mr Singh, but why was it in his throat?” She hushed at him under her breath.


“Well, I am but a jeweler; I can only guess at why it would be lodged in his throat,” Jivan concluded still rolling the sparkling jewel through his fingers. Jivan looked over to the corpse, it must have been at least a year old: the skin was stretched over its gaunt face, dried out, and the bones were clear beneath the skin. “A recluse?”
A woman huffed in the background, “He was not a recluse; I saw him nearly every day!” She sighed in annoyance.
Jivan coughed and continued, “I ask only as this man has been dead, for at least a year” He said getting a closer look at the corpse. Lifting the sheet up, much to Miss Syke’s annoyance, he poked at the bed.
“I saw him yesterday!” Miss Syke shouted getting louder and more irate “I’m his fiancée I would know if he were dead” She shot back at Jivan. “Detective who is this man!?” She exclaimed in annoyance.
“Ann, this man, Mr Jivan Singh, is our external expert,” The detective started, bearing his attention to the uptight woman. “In forensic jewelry.” He ended sounding rather unimpressed, continuing to view Jivan from afar; who was now fiddling with a bit of paper he had found on a barrel end table.
Jivan walked closer to Miss Syke, moving the door, he ran his finger down the edge, finally turning around to face her, “Nice to meet you mam.”
Miss Syke huffed and walked back out of the room, he eyes flashed in anger.
He walked over to the dresser wiping his finger along the edge. “Nobody has been in this room for a very long time.” He stated with a puzzled look on his face.
“What makes you think so?” Asked the detective now looking at the cabinet too.
“Well just a few reasons really” He paused as he took a good look around the room. “Well I believe this body hasn’t been moved, from this room.”
The detective laughed, “I see, you think you’re being clever” He started to put his notepad away. “This body could have easily been moved in here on the mattress,” He put on a stern voice, “I can see that the body has not been moved from the mattress, that Sir is obvious; there are visible fluid leakage stains around the body, old stains.” His big red face looking rather proud.
“Yes detective, however, it is a water bed; to move it around would greatly disrupt the body, this would, most certainly be visible.” Jivan reasoned.
Looking rather embarrassed, the detective swiftly picked up his note pad and pen. “Go on.”

“The room hasn’t been entered for at least a year in that case,” Jivan looked towards Jerry his assistant who was still looking at the Jewel. “My assistant Jerry can explain.”
Jerry looked up from the jewel, Jivan was giving her a broad encouraging smile. “Erm, well there is dust everywhere,” she looked around trying to have a guess at what she had missed.
“Yes,” Jivan continued, “also the door had swollen a while ago but there is evidence of new splintering, which would be consistent with the door being forcefully opened recently.” He added smiling back towards Jerry. She looked down going slightly pink.
The detective huffed again “Miss Syke has said they both use this room all the time, it was his spare room.” He paused and nodded towards the corpse.
“Ah, I see” Jivan pondered, then he clapped “Well that solidifies my suspicion,” He added smiling his face turning to concentration; the detective and Jerry appeared taken aback by his sudden outburst. “Detective, did Miss Sykes find the body?”
“No, it wasn’t her.” He added, pausing, starting to get a picture in his head.
“I think, if you interview Miss Syke, you will find your naïve culprit.” Jivan concluded.
The detective hushed his voice, “But why on earth would she leave his body… just here?”
“Well look around, she had no accomplice, no contacts, and no information.” He shuffled his hand through his untidy brown hair. “How would you dispose of a body his size if you were living in a penthouse, in the middle of a city full of people?” Taking a breath he revealed a note, “This note is a quote for the diamond of Gyan,” he held the jewel up “Which this certainly is not.”Jivan smiled again widely at both Jerry and the detective, “If someone gave you a diamond, and you found out it was a fake zirconia jewel; after securing a deal to sell it, that’s a lot of money lost detective.” Raising his eyebrows at the both of them. “Maybe you would be so angry you would make them choke on it.”



Thankyou for reading! I have a few prompts to come but if you wouldn’t mind leaving me one in the comments or on twitter, I will be using them and giving a shout out to you and any blogs or links you want me too. 

Credit for the image to Victoria Langford, please check her out!

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  1. That was fantastic! It drew me right in! How fun, thanks for mentioning me.

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    1. I’m glad you liked it! You are more than welcome x


  2. Spiced Orange says:

    I love your style of writing! I can’t wait to read more x

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    1. Thankyou glad you enjoyed it! X

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    1. Thankyou I’m glad you enjoyed it! X


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