Short Story: Cheese and Wine

So here is my fourth short story! This one is from a prompt given to me by Ash over at For the Love of Books,check her out if you like book related content she does a fab guest post series and some really reliable and interesting reviews! I feel like this one was a little more my comfort zone than the last especially as I enjoy twists and turns. I am enjoying learning more about mystery writing, especially as I am attempting an actual mystery novel! I’m enjoying trying to pop little clues throughout the writing but I am still finding it hard to do so in short story form (I think i’m getting a little better though)  

Today is day twelve thousand and seventy two. Until this evening I was still no closer to understanding. For the thirtieth thousand time, I have passed by the washing machine; I can smell the fabric conditioner drifting in the air. I stared past it through the window, desperate as a thirsty man in the desert; I am still unable to leave the house. No sound still, I do miss the sound. I miss the heat, I miss the cold; I miss feeling the icy breath of wind through my hair.
I feel a change though, this evening I noticed it just sat there on the window sill, like it has always been there. Maybe it had but I just hadn’t noticed it, I have been too busy trying to leave; I have tried every exit imaginable, I have tried smashing this window at least once a day, only to find it just reappears, instantly, as if I had never tried to break it using: the TV, Chair, actual kitchen sink, or literally every object in the house.
There on the window sill. The cheese wire, still blood drips from it, onto the tiles. Still blood drips from my neck, again and again, like a leak that no one knows how to fix. Picking it up I can see how tiny the wire is, tiny sliver shining in silver and red; two wooden handles either side. Were they trying to decapitate me?
I felt my neck, my hair was tangling into the open wound, which was rather uncomfortable. I couldn’t move my hair, it was stuck under my hat; my neighbor had tried to pull it off the last time I left the house, which felt like eons ago. His glasses reflecting the light of the low afternoon sun, he smiled at me and pulled at my woolly hat.
“Get off!” how annoyed I was with him, we barely spoke what a weird thing for him to do.
“You’re ruining your lovely hair!” he had laughed back at me. I remember swiftly turning my heel and leaving without saying good bye.
Now this hat won’t come off it’s always on my head ruining my hair. I can’t change my clothes, I can’t have a wash or a bath. I just wander around the house, I would kill to be able to take off my socks. I can’t imagine the smell. Though I don’t smell. Nothing degrades here everything just stays clean. I can still smell the polish, lifting from the wooden furniture, the scent of bees wax in every corner of the lounge, my shoes squeak along the newly mopped lino of the kitchen as I continue to wander aimlessly around the house holding the cheese wire.



Blood drips from it but it never hits the floor, it’s suspended in time, just like me.
There in the lounge stands the person that is trying to kill me. I still don’t know who they are; every time I try to get a good look at their face, it blurs and changes. I guess it would be too easy if I could tell who it was. I think I am supposed to figure out who it is, I can only guess that maybe if I find out, maybe I can save my life. Maybe time will start again.
That day I had been out, the last time I had been out; we had been out for coffee, again discussing my weird neighbor. The coffee was warm, thinking about it made my mouth water, what I wouldn’t do for the taste of a warm malty coffee. I could almost smell the toasted coffee beans from the percolator again.
The cheese wire was now sitting in a shopping bag on the floor, I had just brought it along with several different cheeses, in preparation for the New Year cheese and wine night, I was hosting. Me and my best friend Tiffany were laughing and enjoying the late evening shopping.
“Who are you inviting then?” Tiffany asked me looking up over her coffee, she took a big sip inhaling the coffee scent.
“Everyone!” I laughed back at her, “Hopefully, if I invite everyone it won’t look so odd inviting him!” I shyly added, tucking my hair behind my ears, I felt my cheeks flush.
Tiffany looked back at me, her coffee slipped out of her hand, slightly splashing the table, “Andy?” She tested, her eyes a little wider. “Really, there are other people, though?” She mentioned, wiping the spilt coffee, “You know that you like?” she added.
“Well, yeah I guess, but I really like him.” I said giggling, looking away.
“But, you could be with anyone why him?” She asked a little harsher. “He’s not that nice,” She breathed, “I find him a little odd.” Pausing for a short time she continued “What about your next door neighbor? He’s ever so nice and I think he’s better looking than Andy!” She confidentially stated, then continued to look away drinking her coffee.
“You think Andy’s weird, but you think my neighbor is nice?” not hiding the distaste on my words.
“I’m just saying!” She awkwardly laughed, “He is nice!” She laughed out loud, knocking her coffee again.
I laughed back, I really don’t know what she was thinking; my neighbour is a creep.
When I got back home I walked through the kitchen door chucking my bags on the side; I rushed straight to the sofa, instantly slouching down to relax; then they put something to my neck. The sting as it sliced into my throat, the smell tangy, as I felt little droplets flow down my neck. I struggled against the pull, desperately trying to get a look at who was attacking me; I tried to get it away from my neck. It was so fast, I had just put my bags down, yet here they were. As I started to fight the losing battle time stopped. I was instead standing looking at somebody leaning over the sofa.
I looked at the cheese wire in my hand, why would they use this? Why didn’t they want me to see their face? They had acted fast, I had always assumed they were waiting in the house for me. But why would they use this if they had been?
They must have followed me in. I felt cold as I realized, who it was. For some reason I felt that if I said their name out loud maybe, it would restart time, maybe it would give me an advantage. I had tried again and again to guess, often I thought it must have been my neighbor but so far I had been wrong and now I knew why.


I walked over preparing myself for what was going to happen next if I was right.
“Tiffany?” I asked.
Within a heartbeat I was back on the sofa choking, the cheese wire wrapped around my neck. I used all my strength and grabbed the handles and pulled it as far away from my throat as my strength would let me.



“Tiffany!” I shouted. In a moment the person hesitated, it was enough time for me to pull the cheese wire out of her hands. I screamed and shouted, launching everything I could at her. I ran for the door but she grabbed me back, we both fell backwards onto the coffee table I kicked and screamed. Again I escaped, but she blocked the door. I grabbed the end table and threw it through the window as she tackled me to the floor. Kneeling on my shoulders, she grabbed the cheese wire again and started pushing it down on my neck.
“He’s mine, you can have anyone, but not him!” she screamed in my face, I couldn’t struggle against her any longer. I couldn’t hear anything, my vision was starting to fade away; out of the corner of my eye someone jumped in through the window and hit Tiffany hard with the end table.
I was saved, my neighbor had saved me.



Again thank you for reading, If you enjoyed this feel free to follow me (the follow button is at the bottom of the page) or share or follow me on Facebook.I am trying to be more productive and will eventually get there! All images are by Victoria Langford (please check her out!) x

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