Toddlers are Monsters!

I am doing so badly an Nanowrimo so far, I really really want to get to 50,000 words this time, so far I have 7,000. Which is fab I know to be able to write that much; especially when I work full time and have a child. But still I really want to ‘win’ this year. I am really lazy, especially when it comes to this time of year, I love my sleep so much, I literally am in love with my bed (and its not even that nice).

I guess i’m keeping up slowly, and I still enjoy it, but there’s so much on TV and i’m so good at procrastinating (I actually watch the whole twilight saga, and I am not a massive  fan of Kristen Stewert’s weird lip biting version of acting). I have also been binge watching ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’, which I love, its so fun to watch; I was a massive ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ fan when I was younger. I know its very, very different, but its my kind of different so i’m ok with it.

What I am rather surprised  at is the fact that my husband is actually quite into it. Now my husband is really against horror and gore. He especially hates jump scares, which is one thing that separates us because I love horror and I love jump scares. I love horror as a genre generally, in books, in films, in art and most things. He does love Horror books some of his favorites being by Dean Koontz, though the boats still out on Stephen King.

I’m not sure how i’m managing to keep everything up currently, I’m trying to write a book, write my blog , keep up with social media (which although I have mentioned it before, I am awful at), while doing some pretty intense work training, working full time and looking after and entertaining a toddle. This looks very impressive actually, I am secretly proud of myself (even if I slept most of yesterday). That’s what I love about


writing here its so cathartic, its like a little diary/journal and I can just mention things and suddenly, things I’ve been beating myself up over seem impressive. So despite the procrastination, i’m still good with it so far.

I have been finding it difficult to write while my daughter Joanie is awake though… this is because she doesn’t ever leave my side, if i’m on my laptop writing for more than five minuets (sometimes less depending on how agreeable she is feeling) soon little fingers appear and rapidly press as many keys as possible all while she manically laughs. Therefore I have gotten really good at saving my work, she has come close to deleting everything several times, before I have either managed to close the laptop or scoop her up and move her towards the Dulplo (which is her favorite thing).

She is a bit of a monster, I left the room to get her tea and somehow she had climbed out of her high chair and was sat happily on the windowsill. I was nearly sick. Lesson learned she is now no longer using the high chair, but instead eats at her little table; this often leads to her picking and then walking around the room dropping bits of food everywhere… at least we have a dog.

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  1. nsfordwriter says:

    Agreed that toddlers are little monsters. And the food dropping everywhere, ugh.
    I’m so so lucky to have my husband as full time child care, while I work part time. I love having time to work on my writing. I can’t get anything done with the kids around.

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    1. I wish I had my husband as full time child care! we both work full time, I do nights he does days so it can make it quite difficult sometimes to get anything done at all! especially as no matter how many toys are out they still want whatever you have X

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      1. nsfordwriter says:

        I’m sure it will get better for you. I really don’t have the patience to be a stay at home parent though, and I’m also lucky to have parents in law who love looking after kids! 🙂


  2. Valerie says:

    My two year old won’t usually let me work on my laptop either, and if she does (by some miracle) her nine month old sister decides I should stop, lol. #can’twin

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    1. haha I must admit I have my reservations about having two, but yeah no chance ever of being able to get on my lap top while she is awake. She’s already wedged some playdough in between the keys…x


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