A forever Asleep Parakeet.

Last Friday I went back to work for the first time, it was a KIT day, i'm not done on my maternity leave yet; I have mixed feelings about that particular subject. I generally get up early every morning now (early for me being seven-AM, I know, I am lucky) on the odd occasion I … Continue reading A forever Asleep Parakeet.


The Liebster award.

First of all, thank you, Kirsty-Louise bates over at Life With Kirsty, who has very kindly nominated me for the Liebster Award. Have a read of Kirsty's blog, it is incredibly well written. She writes some really inspiring stiff and I really love her product reviews (especially as she does a few about Lush products … Continue reading The Liebster award.

Story time: The Last Big Adventure.

Last month I entered the Dorset Fiction Award, I wasn't short listed, but I am really proud that I have actually finished a story (even if it is only 1,000 words). I don't plan to enter it into any more competitions. I have a theory that, if I write a new story for every short … Continue reading Story time: The Last Big Adventure.

Dear impressive squash’s from Aldi.

So, since October 31st I have felt a little brooding. I didn't 'take part' in Halloween this year. I have recently started exploring the world of twitter, and social media in general; before this past month I hadn't really stepped into social media to such an extent, so its been a little overwhelming. I think … Continue reading Dear impressive squash’s from Aldi.

Traveling through Spain with a baby.

We set off very early Sunday morning, I was still trying very hard to drink my coffee. It was imperative we set off early in the morning; the traffic around the Bordeaux ring road is always busy at a weekend as people like to travel either north or south for the weekend (or for the … Continue reading Traveling through Spain with a baby.

What is normal for… getting healthy after having a baby?

Pregnancy, breastfeeding and the post natal period, put a huge strain on you body; so before you think i'm going to go on about how you should eat kale for breakfast, i'm not. I hate kale, I try to convince myself I like it (even sneaking it into smoothies) but I don't it tastes like … Continue reading What is normal for… getting healthy after having a baby?

Traveling through Southern France with a Baby.

After the rush down to Abbeville, we had a really early night. Our goal was to reach our friends who live in Jussas; a small village situated between Bordeaux and Royan. We passed a lot of places I won’t mention in detail, but if you get a chance to visit them I would suggest: La … Continue reading Traveling through Southern France with a Baby.