Today I feel like my boobs reach my feet. I have breastfed all night long, after pumping, because I was tricked into thinking we had managed to get her to bed earlier. Last night we all got next to no sleep, thanks to the wind left behind by Ophelia. We were awake at least every … Continue reading Boobies


What is normal for planning backpacking with a baby?

In July we are planning a trip to Portugal, not that much of a problem? However we are driving. Driving in a 2cv. Driving in a 2cv with a 3 month old. The 2cv is currently in bits… I know this is doable as many of my friends have achieved similar ventures. This is because … Continue reading What is normal for planning backpacking with a baby?

What is normal for breastfeeding?

So as I sit here with my Tommee Tippee breast pump mooing at me (no honestly it sounds like an actual cow) trying to pacify a wriggling baby, I wonder is breastfeeding really for me? Now I keep saying I am failing at breastfeeding, but that really isn’t true, I’m succeeding at breastfeeding just in … Continue reading What is normal for breastfeeding?