What is normal for… breastfeeding? part 3.

Breastfeeding, the biggest love hate relationship I have ever had in my life, period. So I thought I would pull together a list of pros and cons; a little continuation of my breastfeeding experience. I have discussed my breastfeeding journey before, but only the beginning, there is so much more. It is so much easier to see, now that our breastfeeding situation is more established than it once was, the pros and cons of breastfeeding (from my perspective); this is an honest account of the things I have had to deal with/ enjoyed while breastfeeding.

My biggest love that has come from breastfeeding is the love I have for my daughter while feeding her, when it is all going well. It is the best bonding feeling ever, i’m not saying that if you bottle feed you don’t get that (I have no idea) but for me seeing her happily boobing is my favorite thing ever. I wanted to breastfeed for this, and when I am in the moment with her I am forever overwhelmed by it.

That being said there are plenty and I mean plenty of unfortunate issues that occur when breastfeeding, my most current being teeth but also my battle with other people, having to explain why I am breastfeeding and not giving up, or being told when my baby is hungry and when she isn’t by people that don’t know her the way that I do (I am her mum after all).

So here is my loves and hates of breastfeeding.

What I love about breastfeeding:  

  • The bond, it is very real and something that is very difficult to explain.


  • My baby is getting all the goodness of breast milk, although formula is a literal life saver ( I am very much a fed is best person), breast milk has amazing properties! some of which still amaze me when I read about them. The anti-infection properties, for one!


  • When your baby puts weight on it feels amazing that you alone are sustaining your baby, going to weigh in becomes a bit of an addiction.


  • It is very practical, I traveled to Portugal and back in the car when my baby was three months old; doing this would have been very difficult (although doable) without my boobs. You can just whack a boob out whenever your baby is hungry and voila baby = fed. No farting around with bottles.


  • Once established, it is relatively easy , there are some difficulties that arise still but, if you can get through those first few months then the sky is the limit.


  • It gives you a huge sense of achievement, I have a huge sense of achievement for getting through what I did. Its hard work to achieve, so you feel fab when you get to the other side.


  • There are health benefits for me! Breastfeeding does improve the mothers health too. It lowers the chance of getting breast and ovarian cancer, as well as osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. It is also supposed to help you loose weight, which it does to start with, i’m not convinced that it always does though after reading a few stories and through my own experience.


  • If you can express and your baby will take a bottle, you can still go out! I have been out numerous times now my baby has been fed expressed milk and I pump and dump if I am drinking, although this isn’t necessary to remove the alcohol from the milk. I do this for comfort, I don’t binge drink, but it is nice to have the odd drink every now and again without the worry of it effecting my baby.

What I hate about breastfeeding: 

  • Other peoples reactions. Now I have very rarely experienced rude people telling me to put my boob away, however I have experienced a lot of people telling me what my baby wants. We went through a period especially on holiday and during hot spells where Joanie would take a long time to feed, pulling off me to scream and cry. Sometimes she would be sick. I knew that she wasn’t done because of how she continued to act, she would still show hunger ques and be generally ratty. It often took and hour plus to feed her when she was like this. I knew when she was done, I am her mum. Sometimes other people would think otherwise and tell me I was overfeeding her and to just stop feeding her. People got quite annoyed with me sometimes when this was occurring. I know I wasn’t over feeding her, but this experience dented my confidence and tainted something I had worked so hard for.


  • Other peoples reactions again. people staring at me when publicly breastfeeding. I don’t mind the odd glance, smile, friendly conversation whilst breastfeeding (Often people have a chat to you about how nice it is that you breastfeed, which is nice) I don’t like it when people stare with a face like they are going to walk over and slap me, or just stare like creeps for a long long time.


  • Establishing breastfeeding was difficult for me, I couldn’t do it, Joanie wouldn’t latch or if she did she wouldn’t feed. In the end I had to express and bottle feed for about 2 months, it was a pain a lot of preparation went into it, we did it by, getting a bottle out of the fridge, warming it, feeding her, getting her back to sleep/putting her down happy, then pumping for half an hour, sterilizing all the equipment and repeat. It was hard work.


  • The pain is toe curling, breastfeeding hurts, I know people say it shouldn’t but it does and I know people that have fed through the pain, I couldn’t I had to wait till my nipples healed to try again. Breastfeeding is painful why wouldn’t it be? nipples are really sensitive and babies suck like a hoover, I don’t know why we hush hush about it like it will put people off, what puts people off is thinking it shouldn’t hurt, only to think they are doing it wrong. If this is the case get help, there are loads of resources out there to help you get through it!


  • Teeth, when they bite you before teeth, if they do it on the odd occasion not all the time, it doesn’t really hurt too bad, its more of a dull pain; when they have teeth, well there aren’t many pains I can think of that out do that. There are ways around this, after following a lot of advice from this Kelly Mom page, we are getting there…
A rare moment where Joanie isn’t trying to expose my nipple to the world

I haven’t finished my breastfeeding journey with Joanie yet, I would like to make it to one, but we shall see.

I have learnt to develop a thick skin when it comes to other peoples opinions, people mean well and there still are a lot of false information and old wives tales floating around about breastfeeding. I have found that if I stand my ground and explain why I am doing what I am doing eventually people stop questioning you, maybe you have taught them some valuable information and (possibly) changed their opinion.

So I hope that’s a little insight into my breastfeeding journey, are there any you would add, or things you would disagree with?

Kate X

Me, Being Mummy

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  1. theelephantmum says:

    I also had a love-hate relationship with breastfeeding (recently wrote on my blog about it if you are interested). I got so stressed about it, that I lay foundations for it to fail.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooo I’ll have a look! It’s interesting to read everyone’s different experiences. I’m sure you didn’t fail! I think I got quite stressed about it early on, I put a lot of pressure on my myself to do it mainly because I’m stubborn and people were telling me I couldn’t do it. X

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  2. ettieandme says:

    I know exactly what you mean about people giving their opinions when youre breastfeeding, my bugbear was peoples reaction when I said I was still breastfeeding after 3 months, like I was doing something crazy! #honeybeelinky

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow at 3 months! That’s unbelievable, though saying that my daughter was about 3 months when people started at me xxx


  3. I remember that toe curling pain! I’m feeding my nearly 16 month old who refused a bottle from day dot. I really wanted to get to 12 months and I did problem being I can’t get him off it! He knows what he likes, so I totally get you’re love hate relationship with breastfeeding. I’ve also been the Mummy who bottle fed from six weeks both have their pros and cons BUT you’re doing an amazing job well done keep going!

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    1. I am so lucky that she takes a bottle, if she didn’t I don’t know what I would have done, my nipples ended up split and covered in lacerations (she was early, little and so had a small mouth) so I can’t imagine having to just get through that while actually boobing, I know people that have, they are a lot stronger than me! Yes both have their pros and cons, I think formula can be harder with all the prep and wind/reflux issues (though I’ve had my fair share of that too) thank you it’s nice to hear you think I’m doing good 😊 xxx


      1. I hear ya there was a solid month where I gritted my teeth and curled my toes every time he latched but because I had given up last time I kept going. I’m not stronger than you we are all just trying to do our best and all have our own challanges you should be really proud of yourself!! xx

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      2. Aww thanks, haha I am proud breastfeeding isn’t easy! X

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  4. Sasha R says:

    this picture makes so jealous and nostalgic. i loved breastfeeding too…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is a lovely thing to be able to do I am very grateful that it has worked out x


  5. I am glad that breastfeeding us working out. It is bloody solid and don’t think a lot of people understand how extremely difficult it is. I know pretty pregnancy I thought it was so easy, how wrong was I. Sadly, I didn’t breast feed, I tried but for my own saniety I did what was best for me and my child X #honeybeelinky

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    1. It is so hard! And nobody tells you while you are pregnant! It’s better that you did the right thing for you and your child, there is so much pressure to breastfeed some times but fed is best xxx

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  6. SweetDreamer says:

    Breastfeeding is something that I can always look back on and discuss again and again, because it is the most amazing thing I ever did. I couldn’t BF my second child, and it still bothers me today.

    Yes to the opinions of other people, which is precisely why I was never brave enough to publicly feed. Ive done it in very awkward places and positions, but just never had the guts to do it in a public space. And I think you get why…

    I had the hardest couple months in the beginning, I always thought I would fail, but I did it! Despite people telling me that my milk wouldn’t be enough, and all that bogus. So blessed that i got to do it, even if it was just that one child. Lol. #honeybeelinky

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it’s an amazing thing! I know so many people that struggled in the beginning but now they are really happy they did. However I think it’s fab that you fed your baby the way they needed to be fed, it doesn’t matter if they were breast fed, you did a fab job regardless, formula feeding has its challenges too! If you really want to breastfeed I think the hardest decision is to decide not to!
      Yes it is awful that people find breastfeeding so strange when it’s totally normal. If you are in the UK it’s not too bad, people are too introverted to say anything, you just get the odd disapproving look. But I know lots of other country’s get much angrier about it.


  7. mebeingmummy says:

    I have a love hate relationship with it and completely relate to all you have listed above. Expressing for two months must have been such a hard slog! I am having to stop feeding George now (he’s 8 months) because I have gone back to work and I can’t find the time to express as often as I need to so my supply is dwindling. He has also gotten his first tooth and that alone is painful and I dread what it will be like when there are more!! Enjoy feeding Joanie for as long as you want to, it is up to every Mum and baby when they want to stop 😉 Thank you for linking with the #Honeybeelinky I hope to see you for the this week’s one too! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My little girl is 7 and a half months now I’m off until she is 9 months, I’m hoping to continue when I get back to work but I know I’m probably also going to struggle to find time to express! I hope I’ll be linking up again! X


  8. wornoutmumma says:

    The love i feel is crazy when feeding but I’m the same with people’s opinions 😠😠🙈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah totally miss breastfeeding now, it such an amazing thing. Me and my mate were discussing it today as shes got a 5 month old, its generally grumpy old folk with their opinions X


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