Eggy Peggy Soldiers

Oh I’m so ashamed to admit it but I’m doing the whole ‘New Year new me’ thing, bugger it I do it every year, yes, yes maybe it is a bit sad and daft. Honestly I totally get the whole philosophy behind it being a crock of poo, but if it motivates me to do something then so be it.

So far I have dieted, really well, I’ve even impressed myself to be honest (except for the part where I went to sushi mania, drank a bottle of wine and ingested my body weight in sushi, not even a lie) I have been sticking to slimming world, and maybe the occasional packet mix because my husband is beyond obsessed with them. I really don’t understand that, he insists we buy them every time we go to Tesco and gets so excited when they are on offer. I don’t know, maybe packet mixes aren’t that bad (steak and ale stew, with ale in it), but apart from those minor setbacks, I have been so healthy it’s ridiculous, I’ve managed to curb my snack enthusiasm with packets and packets of fish sticks, and Philadelphia (light! Not full fat!).

I have this issue where before my period I eat everything in sight, to the point where I always have food in my mouth, nothing in the fridge is safe. I will try an order of concoctions to make my ravaging snack riddled brain keep quite, including but not limited to: Butter and icing sugar (or just sugar) apple sauce sandwiches, ‘macaroni cheese’ also known as grated cheese and pasta just thrown together, blended Greek salad, with plenty of olive oil and feta (my version of gazpacho), eggy peggy soliders, and cream mixed with the spices you put in pumpkin pie and brown sugar. These are all in the past I’m definitely making much more healthy concoctions currently like tofu fried in franks hot sauce (because I can literally drink that shit).

Reading that list has made me feel sick, but also made me want butter and sugar.

Which I am not going to have.

On another note I have also started taking vitamins, another thing that people poo poo, but I personally have amazing experiences of vitamins. If I make sure I taken multivitamins and omega 3, I always feel less tired and more awake through the day, I get better sleep and I’m move active. So although my husband says to me at least once a day ‘it’s pointless because it all comes out in your wee’ or ‘It’s just making your wee posh’ (I’m pretty sure he got this idea from big bang theory) I take them anyway.

So far I’m feeling much better anyway, so I’ll continue with this little plan.

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  1. AKL says:

    Good for you! There is no shame in trying to take better care of yourself so you should feel empowered that you are taking these steps. Also, I can demolish an entire bag of sweets right before my period so don’t worry about that. I think it’s our repayment for the grief it causes us!

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    1. Haha in all fairness, I don’t tend to put as much weight on as you would expect, with the amount of rubbish I eat, when my period arrives. Xxx

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      1. AKL says:

        Well pain burns calories after all!

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  2. Ashley Firth says:

    Good luck with your health goals! I always struggle just before my period too! It makes me crave for sweet things. Then I feel sick and guilty after eating a big bag of sweets, crisps, chocolate …… the list goes on! xxx

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    1. Thanks it seems to be a trend! Those bags of rubbish go so fast you don’t even realise you have eaten them! Xx


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