Fancy Bathroom Magazine

Hello all!

I have a fancy bathroom magazine (ill put that in blue so the idea is more enticing) I would like you to read with me, my husband has refused to give in to my nonsense any longer, and I have taken to hiding and reading it in the child’s bedroom.

I have had a pretty good week otherwise, posts have been easier to write, I have written a good chunk of my book too. I Don’t always have the best insight into how long things should take to do or the work involved; often starting a project and being overwhelmed by the amount of stuff needing to be done. We have has a small case of that this week, much to the dismay of my husband.

As I think I have mentioned before, though I cant be sure as I am by nature, very forgetful, we are currently trying to build a en-suite in our bedroom. This was going well, we have done about a weekends worth of work on it. We have a whole the week to work on it over half term, I am well under the impression it can be done right?


I’m laughing a little but here, imagining my husbands face if i showed him this.



Me and my husband have been having an ongoing ‘discussion’ about my apparent ‘unrealistic’ expectations. I wanted to order the bathroom stuff, the bathroom isn’t built yet but I totally believe it can be soon.










So Tom says its going to take a long time, because we have to do this and that, (blah blah) something about electricity and drainage stuff. The boring stuff that I am not interested in because I want a pretty bathroom, guys I just want a shower and a toilet upstairs!

Of course I will be helping digging drains out, an will be general dogs body, but I just find it so frustrating when its not the stuff I can see.

So I’ve taken to just ignoring the fact that might not be done (see i’m still staying optimistic) and keep pretending it will be done, by getting the fancy bathroom magazine out. Tom said he doesn’t want to see it anymore so i’m not allowed to show him.

On another note I have been spending an extensive amount of time researching Frankfurt.

I do have a reason, ish…

So me and my group of Christmas friend buddy’s are looking at going to Frankfurt for the Christmas market in December this year. I wanted to go to Nuremburg, but apparently there are no flights there (but it looks like the best one, I cry to my friends). To be honest with the recent BMI baby rubbish going on maybe there wont be any flights to Frankfurt either.

Because its a weekend break there is no point in us getting down to London to fly because it will take too much time away from our trip, so I do get it is better to go from closer by even if that narrows the options (I am secretly crying about this).

Really I shouldn’t be focusing on this so soon especially as we are actually going to Croatia in July, it is the 2cv world meeting again (which is ridiculous as it feels like we have only just come back from Portugal). I am super excited, we are driving all the way again! With a two year old this time so we shall see how that pans out.

But seriously, we should be planning this, we don’t even know if we are going it solo or joining our mates yet (i’m not sure if they know what there doing, I just haven’t checked) Plus going in a big group does pose quite a few issues, mainly getting lost and frustrated.

Here is the video our Croatian 2cv’ers posted which is making me excited.


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